10 Activities For Non Outdoorsy People


I hope everyone is having a great summer!

We are now in the second week of July, and summer is in full swing. Although honestly, it’s hard to tell that by our weather. After experiencing high temperatures in June, July has been much cooler, with highs in the low 70’s.¬†Perfect weather for me. ūüôā How warm do you like your summers to be?

Me and mine aren’t really outdoorsy people, which seems strange, considering we living in the Pacific Northwest. So, the cooler weather is fine with us.

So what kind of activities do we enjoy, instead of the normal outdoorsy things? What a great question! ūüôā

Here are 10 activities we enjoy all year round. (No camping, hiking, swimming, boating or other outdoorsy activity involved. ¬†ūüôā ) Okay, not all season long, as some of the these activities are seasonal.

10. Visiting the mall

Yes, yes I know, it’s a mall. But there is a fantastic gaming store there, where the gamers in our family love to hang out, and Joann’s fabric store. ¬†Joann’s offers a variety of classes for all ages. As well as fabric, and yarn, and art stuffs. What more can I say? ¬†ūüôā

9.  Karaoke

Hubby runs Karaoke 4 nights a week at local bars. Several of them have now gone to non-smoking, which is great for us. Visit his website for more information.

8.  Painting Classes

Thepaintbuzz ¬†and Pinot’s Palette offer painting classes with a side of wine, beer or water. ¬†Both mostly cater to the 21+ crowd, however; the Paint Buzz is offering summer classes, for the younger painters, in their breezeway.

7.  Triple Play

Triple play has an indoor pool, bowling, rock climbing, miniature golf and other activities to keep the family entertained.

6.  Strike Zone

Recommended for ages 5+, Strike Zone Arena  offers Laser Tag and Nerf Battles. They also offer party packages and dances.

5.  Public Library

The Hayden Public Library is offering a lot great activities for all age groups. Our grandson is going to love the Touch a Truck activity planned for July 20th.

4.  Silverwood

Silverwood, located in Athol, is our local theme park. They have rides and attractions for all ages.

3. Plays

Our local talent really shines in the various plays offered at The Modern Theater. I would say that most plays are geared towards a more mature audience.

2. Discount Movies

HDC is our local discount theater.  Movie prices are reasonable, at $3 a person. The theater offers weekly matinees at 10AM for only $1. I think they have some of the best popcorn.

1. Art Walks, Summer Concerts and Farmers Markets

Although these do take place outside, I don’t consider them outdoorsy activity. I like using the event calendar¬†to check out what concerts and art events are scheduled.


I like that there are lots of nonoutdoorsy activities for us. I hope everyone has lots of things that they can do too.

Have a great week everyone!

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