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I’m trying my best to organize our house. Which is a difficult task, as we are both pack rats.

We have both gone through and culled our respective clutter, only to find that we needed the item(s) we got rid of. I’m sure some of you have been there.

My clutter consists of assorted arts, fabric, yarn and paper supplies. Some are decades old, and still usable.

With all the clutter, it’s hard to know where to begin.

So, I decided to take baby steps.

I wanted a paper holder by our printer, to hold not only the regular paper, but also the specialty papers we use. Such as ink jet Shrinky Dinks (somewhat hard to come by), and iron on transfer paper.

I search Pinterest, and found a couple of DIY paper holders that I really liked.

This one, I really like it, the plans are easy to follow, the only problem I have is that to get the pattern for the pockets, you have to subscribe to Scribd. Which would be okay, if there were other things on their site that I wanted. Now, I don’t know if there is, because I haven’t investigated it yet. I may decided to do so later. 🙂

So, have more searching, I found these instructions, made using old books. I think I will make this one at a later date, as I love the idea.




Paperholder croppedI decided on this one. As per the instructions on, I used a 12″ x 24″ stretched canvas. I painted it with Craftmart Coral Reef. The pockets were made with fabric, that I got in a grab bag from a thrift store. I used manila file folders for stabilizing, and painted some wood letters.

I included the level, just to prove to myself, that I can actually hang something level. 🙂

I had all but one of the supplies needed to complete this project. What was I missing, you ask, staples. So, the only thing I needed to buy was a $5 box of staples. I think the whole project cost me less than that.








This is a picture of our staple gun/staples/nails, tacks, etc. drawer. The only thing missing, is a box of short staples.

We had the longs one, which were too long for the canvas. So, we took a trip to the nearest hardware store and bought a box.

Now, the plan was, that I would work on this project while my husband was working. (He does karaoke at several local and not so local bars.)  You know how plans are, right? I had everything, the gun, my paper holder and the desire to finish my project. What didn’t I have? If you guessed the staples, you would be right. Dear hubby  had forgotten them in his pocket. So, I had to wait until he came home to finish my project, which just happened to be 1:00 a.m. Which was later than usual, as the bar was quite busy.

Because of other things happening, I didn’t get finished until late this afternoon.

It’s all finished now. I think I will make more. And this time, I will make sure I have all my tools.

Do you ever start a project, and midway through, discover you don’t have everything you need?



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  • That happens to me ALL the time. What I want to do right now is get some spare wood, some carpet, carpet cutters, my own staple gun and staples, nails and wood glue. I want to make a cat tree or two for the cats. The ones I’ve bought just don’t freaking hold up! I could probably get the wood and carpet for free or cheap if I check CL… but I’d also need a saw. I just have no place to keep something like that though. @_@;

  • Hmm, maybe we can get some samples.

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