Busy, Busy.

Busy, busy.

This time of year is one of our busiest. We  love the mild temperatures that we generally get in Fall and Spring.

I’ve been busy painting our stair case and upstairs landing. Which also serves as my sewing area.  The hubby, has been cleaning up the basement, which may end up being our bedroom, if the summer ends up being as hot as we think it will be.

The only sewing I have done lately, has been for Easter, and some panties and a bra for me.

It’s so hard to find good fitting undergarments.  I found a couple of patterns, that I thought I would try out.

I found this Granny-pannies pattern at Sew Vera Venus.

100_1998Here is my first attempt, in a heavy, stretch fabric. It didn’t stretch as much as I needed it to, and so the panties were a bit snug.

The front leg opening is a bit tight, and the crotch is a bit wide. I also wanted the waist to fit higher, as I have a round tummy and rear.




100_1995Here is the second pair, I cut the waist 2″ higher and the crotch a bit narrower. I like the fit, much better than the first. They are also made of a much, more stretchy fabric.

I plan on making more, in this style, from some stretchy lace shirts I have. They are too small for my bust, and too big else where.



100_1993The bra I made is from Mrs Depew, on Etsy. It’s her French pin-up bra set, #2001.

This photo doesn’t do it justice, I will try to add a picture with Matilda wearing it. 🙂

It is made from scraps, from one of my earlier dresses.

Being a 34g, it is difficult to get a good fit, without adding an under wire or making it a long line bra. The band is still a bit loose, and the cups struggle to hold me up.

I think the next one will be a long line.


So that’s what I have been up to, how about you? Are you enjoying the weather?

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