Easter skirts and bow ties.

Our family has a party every month, to celebrate any birthdays and what ever holiday is celebrated at that time. April is the only month we don’t have any birthdays. So, this year, it was just Easter.

I got the bright idea, late Friday afternoon, that all women/girls celebrating with us, would have matching skirts, and all men/boys would have bow ties.

So Friday night, my youngest daughter and I went to Joanns to buy some Easter themed fabric.

I had already chosen this one.   We bought 9 yards, which I figured would make 10 skirts and leave a bit extra for the bow ties.

100_1962Here are the guys in their bow ties.







100_1963And the ladies in their skirts.






I figured out, that it took me about 14 hours to make the  10 skirts, and another 30 minutes to make the bow ties.

I think our Easter skirts and bow ties turned out great!  I also think my family was awesome for agreeing to wear matching outfits. Loves ya!

I hope you all had a great Easter, I know we did.


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