Hat Party

Hat Party

My hubby and I plan a party once a month, for our friends who work the late shift.

Each party has a theme, I love themes. Any reason to dress up, is okay with me.

March’s was the Hat Party (Mad Hatter, in fact). Everyone had to have a hat to attend the party.

Our parties are never very large, usually 6-10 people, not counting us. Which, I think is the perfect amount of people. There is always food, and assorted drinks, as well as karaoke.

Here is the hat that I made for our hat party.






































It’s titled “Some of my favorite things”.




Here’s my hat, paired wonderfully with my Mad Hatter/polka dot dress. Yes, it is Vogue 8789.







weeping angel



This month, the party theme will be good and evil, or angels and devils. I’m thinking I want to be the Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.

What do you think?




I found a great tutorial, the only problem I foresee, is that I won’t be able to sit down the whole night. Hmm

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my hat party, hat. 🙂


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