Fun with resin.

Let’s try this again. 🙂

Earlier I wrote a post, and then closed everything, without saving.

So, let’s try this again, shall we.

I’ve been playing with resin lately, among other things.


IMG_20150225_221113[1]I talked about my first bracelet, here.  I made another one, using the same gelatin mold. Something happened, because this second one is smaller than the first. As in, it will probably fit one of my grand daughters.


















The first one is 2 5/8″.     The second is 2 3/8″, obviously too small to go over my hand.

IMG_20150225_221113[1]Here are both bangles together.  The first one has pearls, the second has Iced Enamels Inclusions.20150226_030215[1]








20150225_024353[1]When I made the second bangle, I made too much resin, so I made a bunch of charms.  Some are cloudy, others aren’t. They still look pretty good though.





I decided to make another bangle tonight, and added acrylic paint, in coral reef,  for coloring.

Hopefully, my room is warm enough, and there won’t be a lot of bubbles.

I will unmold it tomorrow, and post a picture.


That’s my latest fun with resin. I like playing with resin, do you?




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  • I have resin but I haven’t used it… I was kind of bummed after I made a bunch of resin stuff and it didn’t really sell on Etsy. I know I know…

    Do you have a small space heater you could use? You could turn it on a relatively low setting and have it near the resin so it doesn’t get too cold?

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