Mod Podge Bracelet

The is my first Mod Podge bracelet.

20150221_230825[1]I used napkins from the dollar store.







Braceletblank[1]A wood blank bangle, that I bought from Amazon. I got the medium. They are a bit snug, sliding over my knuckles, but I like the way fit my wrist/arm.





















Modge Matte, was used to apply the napkin.







I used Mod Podge  Super Gloss  for the final layers.

You can almost see that it is glossier than the previous pictures.






I’m working on several others, that I will post pictures of, as soon as they are done.



Do you work with Mod Podge? If so, what do you do?





















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  • I do sometimes, and I bought some of the matte finish at the dollar store. I’m not 100% sure just yet what I am going to do with it. But I know I will manage something eventually. Or… yanno.. it’ll sit around for 2-4 years useless. >.>

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