Being lazy.

Being Lazy.

My Facebook page just reminded me that I hadn’t posted in a while.

Sad, but true. It’s not because I have been too busy, just that I have been to lazy to write anything.

The other thing I have been lazy about is drafting out the pants pattern from F4, for my granddaughter. I was planning on having them done early last week. I have no idea why I didn’t. I also didn’t get my Valentine dress done.



Gelatin mold







I did, however; create a bangle bracelet from Ice Resin, using a mold I made from gelatin. It’s needs another day to cure, then I can sand the edges. The mold was made using a bangle I already have, taping it to a sour cream container lid, putting a card board ring inside the bangle. (I did take pictures of this, but they disappeared.) Then I cut the container and placed it in the lid. I should have glued the container to the lid, so that the gelatin wouldn’t seep through, although it wasn’t too bad. I also need to trim the edges of the gelatin, to make it easier to pour the resin. (Again, sorry for not having pictures showing this.)

You will notice that in addition to the pearls in the bracelet, there are a lot of micro bubbles. Apparently, that is because my house is a balmy 65 degrees. (I only turn the heat up if the kids are visiting.) Resin needs to be warmer, other wise it gets goose bumps.  🙂





I also made some assorted clay charms and some charms with my Mod Melts. I’m still having trouble with air bubbles, and I know with more practice I will get better at it. This piece still needs to be trimmed and painted.







GelatinplatepaperI also created some paper with my gelatin plate. It was fun playing around with different colors and texture plates.







GelplatebirdsHere are some birds that I cut out using my Silhouette Cameo. Originally they were for my laptop, but I decided that they were too big. So, I will have to think of something else to do with them.






creative pattern f4I still haven’t drafted out the pants pattern for Kat, from my Creative Designs F4 pattern, and February is half way over. Tsk Tsk.






The mesh stockings, I talked about here, have been frogged back to the top ribbing and restarted again. (Actually I frogged it 4 times) This time I am just doing a simple 1×1 rib. Hopefully I will get them done before it gets too hot here.



So, this is me being lazy.

What do you do when you are being lazy?

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