From vintage slip to retro knickers.

On a recent trip to Value Village,  I came across two great vintage pieces.

Val Mode Peignior


Van Raalte Slip












A Val Mode peignoir robe and a Van Raalte slip.

The robe will be part of my costume for next Halloween. We are recreating scenes from Young Frankenstein.  My hubby will be Doctor Frankenstein in his mad scientist coat, I will be Elizabeth, the bride.

The robe is a fine, white net, with lace on the sleeves, and at the waist. It closes with satin buttons and loops. Although it is a medium, I can get it to just fit, well as long as I don’t breathe. Good think I am planning on losing a few pounds. (More to bring my blood sugars down, than for the actual number on my scale.) 🙂

This peignoir is also vintage, and from what I can tell, it is almost as old as the slip.



The Van Raalte slip has a beautiful embroidered lace trim on the bottom.

The slip is a size medium, and will never, ever fit me. So on our first trip, I reluctantly, returned it to the rack.  The memory of the trim haunting me.

So, we made the decision to go back and see if it was a available, and yes, yes it was.

We paid $6.99 for this slip. Did I mention that this is a vintage slip? At it’s youngest, it’s 50 years old. It’s in awesome shape.  Now, I have no problem buying garments or shoes and displaying them on walls or shelves, this slip, however; will not meet that fate. It will become a pair of knickers for me. Something this beautiful most be worn. I’m not sure what I will do with the top portion. I’m sure I will think of something. 🙂 So, I will be taking this beautiful vintage slip and creating a pair of retro knickers.

I’m thinking of these:

Have you ever come across a beautiful, vintage item, that you just had to have?

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