Gelatin printing, step one.



I finally got my supplies for gelatin printing.  There are a lot of recipes to make your own gelatin plate. I found a very simple one.

All you need is gelatin, Knox is the most common brand. I got a big box from Walmart. 

Glycerin, I got an 16 oz bottle from Pilgrims. You can get it from Amazon, as well.  I paid a little over $8 for mine. Next time I will order the larger size from Amazon. 🙂

Boiling water, something to mold your plate in, I used disposable cake pans.  And something to strain out any lumps. I used a mesh strainer, you can use cheese cloth.

You also need a mixing bowl, whisk and a measuring cup.


When you have all your supplies, you are ready to start.

You need the following amounts of gelatin, water and glycerin.

1.5 cup each of boiling water, and glycerin.

7 packets of gelatin.

Pour your glycerin into the bowl and dissolve all the gelatin. When it is all mixed, add in the boiling water. Mix well, then using your strainer, pour the gelatin in to your mold.

Let is setup. Mine took only an hour to be really firm, but let it set up for a couple of hours.


All that’s left now is to clean up what ever mess you made. 🙂


Next step will be printing with the gel plates. Which I will be doing tomorrow.

So stayed tuned.  🙂




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