Mesh thigh highs

I recently posted about a garter belt I made. I wanted to make my own stockings to wear with them.  There are a variety of stocking patterns available. There are knitted ones, such as these  mesh thigh highs  and these striped lace thigh highs.  There are also sewing patterns available, like these  from the Dreamstress, and these  from


I am currently working on the mesh thigh highs, on size 2.75mm needles and some cream fingering yarn, that I got in a bag at Joanns.

I’m not sure of the yarn content, but it is soft.





3.5_inches[1]This is my progress so far. I have about 4 hours into it, and have knitted 3.5″ of the stocking. I hope my patience holds out and I can finish, not only the first mesh thigh high, but also the second.

This picture is the most accurate of the yarn color. Isn’t it pretty?




Patterncloseup[1]The pattern is a simple one. As written it is knit one, yarn over, slip one, then knit two together.

I found that slipping a stitch, after a yarn over, was too messy for my brain. So I changed it to a knit one.

I love the diagonal ladder that is created with this pattern.




I will update this, as my mesh thigh highs progress.



Have you ever made your own stockings? Do you want to?


Update: I have decided to change the lace design. I wasn’t happy with the twist.

I am going with a simple yo/k2 pattern. Hopefully, I will like this version.

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  • I couldn’t do it, it sounds too confusing. That and with my texture issues I doubt I’d be able to wear them. They look pretty, but I know that the feeling of the way the pattern is would drive me nuts. *sigh*

    It’s part of why I don’t often wear pretty socks, they often have weird insides!!

  • Yes, sometimes they do. I love home made socks, but I have to make the sole reversed, so that the knit side, which is smoother is against my foot. Even though I am generally barefoot, my feet tend to be on the tender side.

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