My weekend.

This is how I spend my weekend:

I went shopping with my youngest daughter.  We went to Joann’s and got some fabric to make her a table cloth. Right now they have their home decorating fabrics 60% off.

I also got some purple ruffle yarn to make a pillow for her.

100_1778 100_1779 100_1777 100_1776













Joann’s had some fat quarters on clearance.

As I have several small grand daughters,  I bought $10 worth to make some skirts. It takes 1 quarter for the babies, and between 2-3 for the older girls (7-10), depending on long they want their skirts to be. I went back today and got $10 more.



I also got some fabric to make me several new dresses, including one for Valentine’s day.

There is another fabric I would like to get, and of course, I can’t find a picture of it.

I will try to post it, as soon as I can find it.






This fabric was in the red tag area, and was another 50% off on Saturday.

My daughter says, it should be a skirt, I’m thinking a dress. Hmm




I also got some other reg tag fabric for myself and grand daughters, which I will post about tomorrow.


We also went thrift store shopping this weekend, and today.

I got a couple of new games to add to my collection.

100_1783 100_1785 100_1784







Here are three of the games I got this weekend. The first is a marble game. Then monopoly Jr., which will be used for it’s game pieces and board. Then a spin art kit. I think the grands will love this.





And today, we got this wonderful wooden box, with a checker board on top, for $2.99. Inside this box are two game boards and a tray, with a game board on it.





















The boards have a separate game on the reverse side. How cool is that?


100_1787This is the tray.

All I need is game pieces. Which I have in abundance.


All this for $3.



This was my weekend.

Do you have any awesome shopping to share?














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  • Psh, forget the grandkids, I LOVE those spin-art things!!

    Kinda bummed that the little pottery wheel thing disappeared before you got back there.

    I agree with you on that Red Tag fabric, I see a dress for it!!

  • So, I shouldn’t share my spin-art thing with the grands? I canz be selfish? ehhee. I will find you another potter wheel thing. Now, I have to decide on the pattern for that birdy fabric.

  • I still think you should make a skirt because you can match it with so many of your tops.. Than again Im a stickler with dresses because a dress is so finite. 😉 nice thrift store finds.

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