Lisi’s skirt

I made Lisi a skirt. Keeping to my goal of creating something everyday, I made Lisi’s skirt. I also made Niki a skirt, but I’m not happy with it.




Like all the skirts I have made. Lisi’s skirt is made from the remnants from the dresses I have made for myself.


The top of the skirt is shown here, does not have a picture yet. Shame on me. The bottom of the skirt is from a dress, that is cut out and waiting for me to sew it up.

Maybe in the next couple of days. We shall see.




I am waiting to hear from Kisa,  to see if Lisi likes her skirt.

Happy sewing everyone!



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  • Yes, Lisi loves her skirt! It had to be washed recently and then she was with her dad all weekend and today was sorta a bit busy. Had to get the oldest 3 from ex-h after all!
    I will get a picture of her in it hopefully after school tomorrow!

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