Thrift store shopping.

My hubby and I love to go to our local thrift stores. We have even been known to drive to the large city close to us and wander through its numerous thrift stores.

He likes to go thrift store shopping for electronics, computers and what ever else catches his eye.

I like to go in search of sweaters, belts, books, patterns and kitchen ware.

Lately. I have lucked into several great sweaters. Their prices very from $1.50 to $7.

Our local St Vincent de Paul’s has daily specials. Our favorite day to go is 50% off Wednesday.

Everything, except new mattresses are 50% off. How could we not go thrift store shopping, with such great prices?



Here are some of the sweaters, that I  purchased recently.

The group of mint green, dark pink and red, were purchased during a thrift shop shopping spree back in October.

The other 3 shown are a cream, tan and a dark brown sweater. Purchased at Goodwill 




Here is a slightly better picture.  The cream sweater has flowers and metal buttons.

The tan sweater has lace on either side of the button placket.

The dark brown has an embroidered design on the left breast.





This black, double ribbed sweater has the best zipper. My hubby did his best to capture all it’s rhinestone glory.

We thought for sure the sweater wouldn’t fit, as it’s a medium, and I usually wear between and large and xl.

We thought it was worth the $1.50, just for the zipper. We were surprised that the sweater actually fits.





This is a basic grey cardigan, with satin trim.








The best purchase we made, well maybe 2nd or tied with the double rib knit sweater with the fanatstic, sparkling zipper, is this black jacket. (Holy run-on sentences!)

This was another $1.50 purchase from St Vincent de Paul’s. It was just what I needed, for my job as an officiate.


Do you go thrift store shopping very often? If so, what are your best finds?







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