Garter Belt


My recent sewing project was a paisley garter belt. I used pattern #2002, Corset Garter Belt, from Mrs. Depew. She has a great, vintage, pattern shop on Etsy.


The largest size on the corset was for a 33″ waist, so I added 3″ to get the 36″ inches I would need. I added half inch seams. After adjustments I took back out about 2″.

I did not add any bones to this version, although, I still might.




garter1The fabric is a heavy, slightly stretchy paisley fabric

The straps are pink elastic, there 6 of them.

The edges are bound with coral satin ribbon.





20141230_021435 (1)


I used 10 hook and eye pairs.  I couldn’t find my hook and eye tape, even though I had had it in my hands just a couple of days ago. I do recommend using the tape, if you can find it.






My next project will be this Bra, also from Mrs. Depew. It’s pattern #2001, French Pin Up Bra, I will be making the long line version, to match the garter belt.






Happy sewing! Create something wonderful.

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