Purple Eyebrows

Yes, you read that right, purple eyebrows. Why purple you ask? The answer is, because I really want purple hair. However, I am unwilling to bleach my dark hair, and the grey that I have doesn’t want to hold on to the dye. So, I decided to do my eyebrows purple.

Now, now, no worries, I didn’t use dye. I used a purple eyeliner pencil from me now.  About a month ago, I purchased through Amazon, a set of 12 assorted lip and eyeliner pencils. There are several companies out there that sell sets of pencil. Since I don’t wear makeup a lot, I wanted a less expensive set, but one with a good rating. Enter me now. For around $5.00 and no shipping, I got a great little makeup kit to play with. I’m thinking about getting this kit from Nabi next.

me now


Here is the set from me now. Please note, the link takes you to an Amazon page for Allbeauty. That is the name the product is sold under, even though the package name is “me now”.







purple eyebrows
Purple eyebrows

Here is a picture of my purple eyebrows. I know they don’t show up very well, but I promise, they are purple!



Oh yes, and I am aware that I keep saying they, when I am only showing one eyebrow. 🙂

I used color no. 007 for my eyebrows.




I really like  Etude’s Play House 101 pencils. If I could find them in a set I would definitely buy them.

I just love multipurpose items, don’t you?


Update: I know this is a pretty quick update, isn’t it! I was just doing the dishes, when I realized that I should have done a review on the pencils.

So here goes. I am usually pretty sensitive to makeup and perfumes. So, I was very pleased that the pencil for my purple eyebrows, didn’t bother me at all. The pencil goes on smooth and has a creamy texture, that blends well. I also used the red lipliner.  I love red lipsticks and I think that this one looks pretty good on me. This is a great set of pencils at a great price. I really think that you should try this set from me now.


me now color .013
me now color .013

I used color .013 on my lips. When I took this picture, the color had been on for over and hour,  and I had been eating and drinking. I think it still looks pretty good.


Ya gotta love curly hair, I should have checked to see how frizzy it was before the picture.  🙂

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