I have lots of yarn, in boxes, bags, bins, and drawers. Most of it in single skeins. So, in an effort to use up my stock of yarn, I’ve been making various items. These include sweaters for grand babies, slipper boots and pillows. I will add more photos as I complete projects.

Here is one of the pillows I have made.  It is the Blooming Flower Cushion from Lucy of Attic24.  I also made one in yellow, with a rainbow back. The yellow is for me, the rainbow for my husband.

Do you use your single skeins and remnants for anything? One of my  goals is to make a big rug for my front room. It’s only 20′ x 14′.  I should have it done in a couple of years. Right? 🙂


blooming cushion

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  • Hahaha, few years. >.> Unless I bug ya about it. Can I just bug ya about it? You know, like the kids needing Halloween costumes. It needs done by… ohhh…. hmmm…. Christmas! *snap snap* get to it!

    • Bug away! As it’s a stash buster, I will be working on it when I think about it. I just finished Lilah’s blanket. I should post a picture of it.

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